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Merish 3 MIDI MP3 Backing Track Player

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Merish 3 is a touchscreen backing track workstation that plays music files in MIDI and Mp3 format, also with scrolling lyrics. Merish 3 is also an Audio recorder and Midi File Editor. Merish 3’s new onboard Midi sounds database includes: 386 Sampled sounds, 46 Drum kits with 480 samples. BONUS 500 FREE MIDI SONGS LIMITED OFFER.

The touchscreen assures fast, straightforward control and editing. The easy Help icon provides fast understanding of Merish 3's functions. Merish 3 reads music files in Midi and Mp3 Karaoke format.
The 32 GB internal memory has space for tens of thousands of backing tracks.

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Merish 3 Images & Details

Merish 3 MIDI MP3 backing track player front panel Merish 3 is a touchscreen backing track workstation that plays music files in MIDI and Mp3 format, also with scrolling lyrics. Use as a stand alone unit or connect a guitar, bass, keyboards and even electronic drums and mix in with your backing tracks. For example, a solo, 2 or 3 piece line up can sound like a full band.
Merish 3 instrument edit screen Easily change and edit individual instruments. For example, change an acoustic guitar to a 12 string guitar, an electric bass to an acoustic bass, grand piano to an electric piano. Adjust volume, effects and add compression and other track enhancing features. Save the changes or revert to original settings anytime.
Merish 3 rear panel Full range of in's and out's. Connect to a PA, insert line level guitar and keyboards, bass and drums. Chain one or more larger video screens, plug in 2 mic's, MIDI in/out/through and PC/USB connections (on side panels).
Merish 3 Lyrics screen View lyrics on the huge 7" touch screen. Change font, font colour and font size to suit your preferred viewing style.
Merish 3 Lyrics Editor screen Do you have MIDI and backing tracks without embedded lyrics? No problem. Easily import lyrics and chords from a text file and sync to lyrics, all in just a few minutes.
Merish 3 Harmonizer set up screen HARMONIZER - Use the internal harmonizer to add rich harmonies or double track your voice. The harmonizer works with MIDI Files with melody guide and harmony parts programmed into the song file.
Merish 3 Record performance set up screen Record your performance ! Make your own recordings, demo's right there on Merish 3 then upload them to Facebook or use as a demo to sell your act. This is one of the most popular features ever requested on a backing track player.
Merish 3 key and tempo change buttons Change key (pitch) and tempo (speed) on the fly. Merish 3 also has 'global transpose' in the SETUP menu, a very handy feature to automatically lower (or raise) the key for an entire performance. Imagine that you have a sore throat, or a cold and need the key/pitch to every song a little bit lower so you can reach all the notes. Well, now you can on the Merish 3.
Merish 3 onboard sound mixer Merish 3 has an onboard mixer to control levels and effects for the two mics, reverb & delay, EQ, MIDI and MP3 master volumes, Aux ins and Monitor out. They are all there on the front panel to adjust fast.

FAQ's - Answers to popular questions

  • You get 500 FREE high quality MIDI songs
  • The 500 free songs are onboard Merish 3 internal memory & specially licensed
  • Power supply for Australia, Europe, USA and UK included in the box
  • Shipping to most parts of the world takes typically 3 to 5 days
  • 12 months manufacturers warranty
  • 7 day love it or return it guarantee (conditions apply)

Shipping Service and Warranty

  • Merish 3 is shipped from Australia
  • 12 months 'fix or replace with new' warranty
  • Hi Trax is not liable for any Customs duty and import taxes and other fees

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  • Home trial period begins the day item is received by the buyer
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  • Item must be shipped for return within 8 days of receipt (no exceptions)
  • Return shipping and insurance is full responsibility of buyer
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