MIDI Karaoke Backing Tracks MIDIfiles Hit Trax

Download MIDI Karaoke Backing Tracks and song lyrics by Hit Trax. Dynamic backing tracks for singers, duo’s, trio’s and live bands. Free MIDI track download each week. All new and recent Hit Trax MIDI Files include 'MIDI Karaoke' format with embedded lyrics and melody guides where indicated. Full MP3 mixes available for most song titles. Dynamic mix for sensational live sound.

MIDI Site for Standard MIDI Files

Download MIDI Files in format 0 merged. Users preferring format type 1 split tracks can download free format splitter. Most Hit Trax song titles include embedded scrolling karaoke lyrics as Meta events. Play MIDI File backing tracks on a computer using software or an App or by a dedicated MIDI file player.

What are MIDI Files?

MIDI Files are backing tracks. M.I.D.I. is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Almost all backing tracks are produced using this popular and organically expanding format. Sometimes referred to as MIDIS. Music creation apps base their recording environment around M.I.D.I. Over 1 million gigs worldwide are powered by Hit Trax each year.

Custom Backing Tracks

Can't find a song title? Let Hit Trax produce your custom backing track. Hit Trax custom songs are guaranteed to load and play in General MIDI and MP3 devices. Average price is US$150 per custom song. You get a fully produced MIDI File with all parts, a melody guide, embedded karaoke lyrics and an arranged ending. We also include MP3 mixes of all instruments minus melody, minus guitar and bass & drums jam tracks. DETAILS - Submit Form.

MIDI Karaoke

All recent and current Hit Trax MIDI Files use MIDI Karaoke format. In every sense the two formats are the same except MIDI Karaoke include a melody guide and 'Karaoke style' scrolling lyrics. Song lyrics appear on screen with any compatible device like a Merish 4. At the checkout, look under the 'format' column, where song files are shown as MIDI File, MIDI Karaoke or MP3 backing track. Please read important information about buying MIDI Karaoke files in Terms & Conditions. DETAILS …

Chordie and Song Book Pro

Download Chordie Song Book chords and lyrics. Chordie files include lyrics and chords to all your favourite songs. Another popular video lesson, chord and lyric source is e-chord.

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Transpose MIDI and MP3 backing tracks

Download MIDI and MP3 Transposer apps for PC. Change pitch to mp3 and MIDI backing tracks. Learn how to transpose backing tracks to your vocal range.

Hit Trax Instructional Video's

Watch inhouse videos and take the Hit Trax web site video tour. Learn to use Merish backing track players with short and easy to follow video lessons. Watch music video's on popular Hit Trax backing tracks. DETAILS ...

Customer Service and Technical Support

We encourage our customers to look up solutions on the support page. Our guess is you might need assistance with perhaps one of ten possible issues. For example, you can't sign in, or download song files, or items won't stay in the cart, and so on. The Hit Trax support page covers those topics and more. You save time by getting the same info we'd send to you by e-mail. Solutions are written in easy to follow steps, including 'how to' video's. DETAILS ...